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Dental Brackets China

1. dental brackets china orthodontics stainless steel 17-4 made
2. 0.002mm precise error , compare 0.02mm with milling technology made
3. Low friction , low Nickel Titanium (less than 4% )
4. 80 Mesh Base, just like 3M Victory series. Bonding test strength is 12-15 KG , strong as any brackets  in the world.
5. Vacuum Soldering make the brackets more stronger and 80 mesh base come with good bonding avoid loosing bracket from the teeth.
6. Fine polishing , lower profile, nice looking presentation.

  • Tang Series
  • TS-R1

1. stainless steel 17-4 made
2. 0.002mm precise error , compare 0.02mm with milling technology made
3. Low friction , low Nickel Titanium (less than 4% )
4. 80 Mesh Base, just like 3M Victory series. Bonding test strength is 12-15 KG , as strong as any brackets  in the world.
5. Vacuum Soldering make the brackets more stronger and 80 mesh base come with good bonding avoid loosing bracket from the teeth.
6. Fine polishing , lower profile, nice looking presentation.


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